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Jogging Your Memory

 Hammer to Head - Cropped
We all have moments in the day where me mentally lose it.  We misplace our keys.  We lose a vital phone number.  We forget a familiar person's name. In many cases we freak out, beat ourselves up, and fear that we are losing it.  Don't worry... here are some tips to help you jog your memory. 
1) Relax - Instead of freaking out and beating yourself up (and we're oh so good at that), sit back, take some deep breaths and relax.  Relaxing improves blood flow to the brain and gets those synapses working again. It's all happened to us... we get halfway to work, we finally relax, and we have our epiphany... "It's on the night stand!"
2) Relive all experiences that connect with the item - Most of us do an excellent job of reliving what we did with the item previously to losing it. What is really happening is that we're using sequencing, which is a powerful memory tool, to help in the recall process. Sometimes you have to go deeper and relive earlier experiences with the item to effectively jog your memory.
3) Take the focus off of the item and focus on associations related to the item - Sometimes we get so hyper focused on finding or remembering something, our brain begins to constrict and work against us. Instead try focusing on associations related to that item to prime your mental engine and get it moving again.
So, the next time you misplace the remote control, your car keys or anything else, use these three simple steps. You will find what you're looking for faster and you'll still have your sanity to boot.