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Remember People's Names to Improve Relationships

Bus Men Shaking Hands
For most of us, remembering people's names is our biggest  memory challenge. We've all been there ... walking through the grocery store and we see a familiar face. We struggle to remember their name. As they get closer, we begin to determine our options. Some of potential options include:
The Pre-emptive Strike: "Michael Green (with an extended hand). It's great to see you again?" (Hoping that they return the favor and introduce themselves back.)
The No Name Intro:"Hey! It's good to see you again!" (With a look of fear on our face.)

The Silent Wave: (Wave or salute with a smile on our face.) 


Clarify Your Purpose to Improve Reading Recall

Clarifying your purpose alerts your mind on what to focus on when reading. General knowledge, information gathering, job responsibilities, test preparation, and entertainment are just a few of the reasons why people read. To properly prepare, ask yourself these three questions.


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