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Memory Spring: Improving Your Memory and Brain Health


Memory Spring is focused on enhancing people's memories, learning skills, job performance, and brain health. We promote an integrated approach towards memory enhancement and brain function that includes Technical, Physical, Organizational and Mental Emotional solutions. As a result, people are more efficient, more effective, and live a better quality life. In our sessions people gain new skills, experience immediate improvement, and have fun. For more information click on Memory Spring.

Want to Improve Your Focus? Reduce Clutter this Spring!

Spring is almost here! When the seasons change it’s a good opportunity to reduce clutter in your life by cleaning your personal space.  
Organization is important for your memory.  Physical clutter creates mental clutter which promotes BSOS (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome). The more distracted you become, the tougher it is to store recallable memories.  In addition, clutter creates stress which also negatively effects brain health and memory. As a result, when you are spring cleaning your personal space, you are also cleaning your mental space.
Here are a few tips to reduce clutter and get better organized this Spring: 


Take it From Captain Arrrf: Remember the 5 R's to Return to Mindfulness

Pirate Dog by Tony Werman

Mindfulness is defined as one’s capacity to avoid distractions that take our attention away from our present intention. That’s easier said than done.

In today’s world, we’re more distracted than ever. It seems like every time we turn around we’re being distracted by a person, a text, an email, a beep, a flashing sign, or something else that momentarily grabs our attention. In addition, we’re really good at self-distraction, with most of us having BSOS (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome). It doesn’t take much to distract our attention and launch us down a time draining path that we never intended to follow in the first place.  Given all the distractions, it makes it extremely difficult to get anything substantial done. 
Some of the downsides of being distracted include increased stress, reduced memory, difficulty learning, and other issues. Being distracted might make us feel good, active and busy in the moment.  Unfortunately, when we review our day, we end up feeling unproductive, stressed, and unhappy.
How do we increase our Mindfulness? 


Managing Stress During the Holidays

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The holidays are a fantastic time of year. They are a time of family, fun, and thankfulness.  The holidays can also be an extremely stressful time of year. 

Stress plays a significant role in our ability to learn, store information in our brain, and recall it when we need it. Over extended periods of time, stress wreaks havoc on our system, memory and brain health. Extended shut downs of perceived unnecessary functions compromise those systems and we begin to pick up sickness, rashes, and other ailments. In addition stress related hormones maintained at higher levels take their toll on areas of the brain that play an important role in memory. As a result, we have more difficulty thinking, learning, and accessing long term memories. 
During this holiday season take a proactive approach towards managing your stress. Here are a few tips from stress management expert, Bud James, PhD, to help you effectively manage stress during the holiday season.